HAACK Sebastian

HAACK Sebastian

Germany – Stuttgart

Dr. Sebastian Haack is a board certified plastic surgeon and is exclusively working on the face.

He is successor of Prof Wolfgang Gubisch as head of the clinic for facial plastic surgery at the Marienhospital in Stuttgart, Germany.

His main interest is primary, secondary and reconstructive rhino-surgery.

Another focus is the treatment of skin cancer patients. Thereby again the nose is in the focus of interest. The clinic for facial plastic surgery in Stuttgart is the leading department for total, autogenous reconstruction of the nose in Germany.

Dr. Haack started his training for plastic surgery in 2003 at the Center for Plastic Surgery at the Marienhospital in Stuttgart. He was trained by Prof. Michael Greulich and Prof. Wolfgang Gubisch. He received his training in burns surgery at the BG trauma clinic of Tübingen.

He was board certified in 2010. One year later he became senior physician in the clinic for facial plastic surgery and at the beginning of 2014 leading senior physician and locum of Prof. Gubisch.

Since the beginning of his career he gives lectures nationally and internationally. He has written book chapters and published in peer reviewed magazines.

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